Monday, May 19, 2008

Orkut Apps Suck?

Whats wrong with Orkut? It was simple to use most quintessential social networking website and that was the reason i was hooked up to it, it not only made up for my lack of "socialness", it also allowed me to wish bdays and new years to people I would have not bothered to say "hi" throughout my whole existence. It also has been an excuse and means to peek into some interesting "test cases". And all this I was able to do because it was a simple, fast and easy to use social networking site. And then they decide to put an end to all that simplicity by imitating Facebook. And every time now i log in i find senseless updates from people who think its funny to be "emoting".."i m so confused" and senseless quizzes..."Sudhir has taken a DDLJ quiz...would u like to beat Sudhir" ya i would like to beat him up to death for taking that silly quiz and beat the Orkut guys too for taking the simplicity out of the portal. Not only that, it takes lot of time to load every time i log in, and get back to my home page.

listen Orkut guys, if people wanna use applications they will go to Facebook. U guys need to understand, reason why Orkut picked up well in countries like India and Brazil is coz its simple , Indians in general don't know how to use their fully loaded mobile phones or may i say they are unaware of what to do of 37 buttons on their TV remote control, forget about them using and writing this applications for Orkut. Also large population in India still have very poor Internet connection, all this heavy application is gonna bog down the usage as it no more leaves Orkut a fast portal.