Friday, August 28, 2009

Buy it or Leave it: Do hell with customer service

Call it their arrogance or just a umber cool style to differentiate them from the rest of online e-commerce site, but an email from Woot, the one day one deal online portal definitely got me thinking when i ordered an irobot roomba 530 refurbished from their site few days back. These are some of the gems i received from them in their email:

If you receive your item and it doesn't work, contact the manufacturer first. They made the junk. Let them deal with it. If they turn out to be total tools, contact and we'll
grudgingly provide some further assistance.

And if you thought that it was just in a good sense of humor here comes another bolt.

If you receive your item and decide you don't like it, take it to eBay or pawn it off on one of your so-called friends. We don't want it, either

Wow,earnestly it took me some time to recover after that hit me, i m now just keeping my finger crossed that i get my Roomba in good enough condition.Amen.