Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dinga Dinga Dee: Israel Goes Bhojpuri way

If you thought that warfare and romance can't go hand in hand, think again as the days of equating war with gloom, destruction,gory blood and hatred are numbered as now its more about wooing a girl by offering your 'commitment' and 'security' and pledge your heart to her and singing an English song in Bhojupuri setup. Sounds interesting? checkout the new AV promotion of Rafael, an Israel based defense company, used during Aero India 2009

Rafael, has supposedly decide to salvage itself, perhaps after supplying weapons to inflict death on harmless Palestine citizens in Gaza, and the path it took is to entertain the world audience by producing a C grade Bhojpuri item number, enacted by the Phoreners, and for maintaining the global appeal they sing it in English.(something kannada cinema knew years before, when they made Rajkumar star in tik tik tik)

Statutory warning: This piece of video can lead to pain in stomach and back due to excessive laughing and rolling on the floor. This might prove weapon of mass hysteria of inflicting pain on rest of us.A MUST WATCH though

Notice the million dollar ambiance raised on one of the far fetched refugee camp, with pictures of Hanumanji(in a romantic song?) and Ambemata on tiger in the background and garland embellished missile on sides. This would put best of the bhojpuri songs to shame. God, Guns and Gori all in one frame. A footage never enacted on celluloid is all set to win hearts and money of Indian Defense system, (which is a metaphor of the girl in song).Hail Rafael! Hail Bhojupuri Cinema!