Monday, March 19, 2007

Thank God Bermuda!!

The prayers of billions of Indians have been finally heard. After the Gods realising that even Banladesh is too good for our Men in Blue, it granted them a free pass with Bermuda as opponent in the very next match. Truly, Gods are very generous. And our fallen heroes although down and out but are not duds. They know how to clinch opportunities and 'resurrect' their 'glory' by running over the more than modest team of Bermuda. Bermuda is the smallest test playing nation, with a population of 60 thousand, repeat 60 thousand, its smaller than most of the Indian villages, with only their captain I Romanie a real professional cricketer. Rest of the team is those of amateurs. Its like small time cricket club found in the suburbans of Mumbai. The match was like a PHD fellow student writing class 5 mathematics paper and it is not surprising that it passes it with flying colors.

Yet many questions still lay hanging. What is someone like Robin Uttappa doing in team's world cup campaign? He is inexperienced and does not seem to have special talent of giving team India either a flying start or a strong foundation on foreign pitches . He looks confused in the middle, showing no signs of improvement either today. He might be a good batsman but in professional cricket good is just not good enough. Neither is this the right time to experiment with new cricketers. This is world cup and it dose not get bigger than this. Every team wants to play out of their skin and you don’t need someone flustered around to open for you.

So Virubhai finally succeeded in pulling of a century, its hard to remember after how many ODI's . And this assure him a place against Srilanka. There is not much read into his 'flamboyant' century, would he perform well against test playing nations is still questionable. Dhoni's form raise concerns, have we lost a hard hitting, big shot batsman? Dhoni seems undetermined in his footwork and style, will he rise to the occasion and play his natural game will be major decider for India in upcoming matches.

Above all thanks to the team of Bermuda. It wont have been possible for the men in blue to post such a huge score, if not for gully level bowlers and obsessed and unfit filders of Bermuda. Thankyou Barmuda,Long live Barmuda, Barmua ki jai ho!!!

Men in GLUE

The men in blue were all wilted in glue!u cant expect more when ur opener is someone whos inculsion in the team is due to captain's nepotism. its unfair for robin to come one down, whats his crediblity-zero international exposure.Sachin is old horse, he cant fire big shots, its hard to accept it, like all other truths.dravid is indicisive, not just as a leader but also while selecting his team.dhoni is overburdened with expectations and his long takes either of two things to help team india reach super 8, either sheer luck or match wont go till semifinals!!

Mein ek aam admi hun!!!!

I am an aam aadmi- a mango man. Mango has always been a never ending love affair for me. I have been relishing Mangoes years after years with same zeal of a teenage boy eager to loose his virginity. Infact the years of my life in which I was unable to devour mangoes are those I dont count in my age, they were'nt useful and moreover, lamentful to remeber.

The thought of juicy, bright yellow colured, tangy slices of heavenly flavoured magoes on a sunny afternoon thrills me to an extent, most women fail to. I am not a big time 'foodie' , I have very modest taste buds granted to my tounge and they have a biased inclination towards the fruit.

Unlike most people I know, I am unable to distinguish among the differnt breed of the fruit. Perhaps, I am so much lost in relishing the flavour and stimulating my senses(not just the taste sense) and my brain is so occupied with it that I am unable to distinguish what Mango I am eating. Its just enough for me to know that what I am eating is Mango, it dosent matter much whether its Alphanso, Rajapuri, Kesar, Badam or Kagdo. Keri as we call it in Gujarati, is something I enjoy in all forms and shapes, and I mean it litreally. I have enjoyed the ripe and unripe fruit with same genuine enthusiam.

Keri, is somone I'll like to spend my whole life with. Of all the women and men I have loved and have been loved by, keri bears a place above. Unlike all the women I had a heart felt crush on, and soon lost my intrest in, my affair with Keri has been long lasting. It has rare quality of being sweet and not cloying. A artistic and sensual shape and colour which is so unique that it should be renamed 'keri color'( not yellow, please).

Keri, hope to see you again this year!!!