Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Random Things About Me.( In no order of relevance or importance)

1. I am an agnostic, neither do I have faith to accept God's presence nor the courage to deny His existence.

2. I dislike phone talks. I am almost a phone challenged person. I am unable to understand what to say on phone after I am done with basic communication. I am very easily peeved by people who talk lot on phone.

3. I tried playing harmonium and tabla at a very age of 10, but lacked the attention span to learn any of the two.(I think i was a dyslexic child.)

4. I can be hyper impatient in many ways and nonchalant in many others.

5. I want do lot of travelling across the globe. At least visit 20 countries before I die.

6. If I did not have middle-class anxieties about an assured livelihood, I would have gone into the Liberal Arts—Film making, Political Science or English Literature. But I did have anxieties. So I did engineering.
[When I was struggling whether to go to Economics or Engineering, a gentleman of our locality, a very nice man, asked me “What do you want? A beautiful wife, a secure life or satisfaction?” This made my choice easy.](courtesy GreatBong)

7. Overtly public display of affection makes me uncomfortable. Still i think i am very Romantic at heart.

8. I love movies or may i say i love stories told through visual medium. For instance, I can remember many of the dialogues, song lines an character names of a movie, several years after watching it.

9. I find it much easier to make friendships online than in real life.

10. I am not very fond of bathing, especially in "not very hot" weather of California. I avoid taking bath daily. I give excuses like too much water washes away the pigmentation of your skin or exposure to access of water is the reason for 70% of hair loss among Asian men, when asked for an explanation.

11. I wanted to learn Karate when i was a kid. My mom did not allow me, as she was told by a friend of hers that learning Karate can give kids epileptical seizure or convulsions.

12. I could never find a correct answer of a mathematical expression using a Logarithmic Tables. This was the primary reason for me not doing well in Chemistry at board exams. I still have nightmares sometimes of having to solve problems of physical chemistry. I liked organic chemistry.

13. I am a vegetarian, I once decided to cook chicken at home, however was disgusted at the smell and feel of the frozen chickens and have (so far) stayed a vegetarian. My mom often inquires about my dietary preferences and is not entirely convinced when i tell her i m still a vegetarian. I eat eggs.

14. Parag Sharma happens to be one my oldest and best friends. We are two very different individuals, still i feel we make great buddies. Not having able to attend his marriage is one of the regrets i have. I think he is too bossy and hyper discerning and i generally end up disliking such people, but i still like him.

15. I have lived at 13 addresses in 5 cities and 2 countries.I have visited 3 countries( 17 more to go)

16. I wish to gain some weight and have physique of Salman Khan. This is what i wish to achieve before i turn 30 and maintain it since then.

17. I am an avid tea drinker. I sometimes drink more than 3 cups of tea in a day.

18. I was once asked whom would i like to be reincarnated as? I answered AR Rehman. I am happy about the choice i made.

19. I started using foul language in high school. I am trying to get rid of the habit. But i am not very sure if that is required.

20. I don’t wish to grow old and want to stay 25 rest of my life. And i also feel the life cycle should be reverse(like Benjamin Button)

21. I have to buy or borrow new earphones almost every 4 months as i keep breaking them by accidentally stepping on them.

22. My dad traveled more than 400 kms on a bicycle in a single journey. I am very proud of him. I repeated a similar feat on a motorbike. I don't think my kids would be very much proud about that.

23. I sometimes keep things unfinished.


Anonymous said...

Extremely Frank, Truely Randam...Though I knew some of them it was great getting to know a lot more about you... Certain wishes are certainly not gonna come true but all the best for those that are possible


Shriya said...

very nicely written! I hope your wish of traveling and visiting 20 countries come true! :) I really like the list it make you sit down and forces you to think who you really are and what u really want or care for in life!

Great job!


Shriya said...

You need to adde 2 more to the list :D

Thanks 4 sharing your blog with me! I am an avid blog reader & love to read and follow few blogs :)

Aman said...

I loved the last part ... "I sometimes leave things unfinished" and then the 2 empty bullets ... :)

Anonymous said...

Very informative :-) Hope life's treating you well.


Anonymous said...

You missed a point ..
24. You keep your "hopes" high .. :D


Anonymous said...

No Doubt if you are not taking the bath, we got some relief from you and now others are suffering ;-)

btw, I want to be 25 for rest of my life. we are sharing the same thought.