Monday, March 28, 2011

India vs Pakistan:Hope vs Desire

First the disclosure, I am a fan of Pakistani cricket team .They are nasty, temperamental, immensely talented and extremely entertaining.Their talent and their colorful history off and on the field, makes a cricket fan inside me watch in bewilderment, excitement and some jealousy.

The frenzy about the impending clash between the two warring nation, on the 22 yards strip is everywhere, my Facebook feeds, news channel, phone conversations at home, with friends, and conversations with desi colleagues at office. Some firang colleagues also know about the game now. There is no escaping it. Otherwise a left wing liberal, i am gradually getting carried away and now a part of this frenzy. And i fear by the time, the game commences i am sure to turn into a blood sucking jingoist or atleast pretend to be one, simply to fit in. But before that, let me pour down some thoughts.

Like an average Indian male, who grew up on staple diet of cricket, worshiping Tendulkars and Gangulys and hating Pakistan cricket team for their unapologetic audacity and unashamed flamboyance, I want India to win. I want Sehwag to blast Akhtar on the short-leg boundary and Sachin to drive Afridi with a picture perfect cover drive, on every ball. I would jump up on my couch and shout when Sachin reaches his century.( And would have stripped my jersey, if Ganguly was still playing.)

But a corner of my heart reaches out to the real underdogs of the world cup. Remember, PCB is rife with problems, lack of finances (no nation wants to play in Pakistan), no sponsorship for the players and wounds of spot fixing still fresh. No one gave Pakistan a chance at the start of the tournament.
BCCI and PCB are at the two spectrum of financial prowess. Same can be said about the two nations too. When Indian is brimming with 10% growth rate, Pakistan's economy is rapidly moving towards bankruptcy. Hit by a major floods last year, they country is still sauntering towards a political stability. Tomorrow's match is truly a contest between the unequals, not talent wise, but opportunity wise.

Perhaps, team India deserves the trophy this year. But a nation that really 'needs' it this time is Pakistan. A world cup trophy, that would do wonders for lifting spirit of an ailing nation. The hope of billion Indian fans outnumbers that of its neighbor's. But the desperate desire of few sometimes outweighs the most glaring barricades.


Anonymous said...

Let's see how it goes tomorrow. Both the teams have equal chances as of now...

MAVERICK said...

Truly a great blog... A very fresh and different perspective.... which you actually have in everything you express and dont.... I am going to share this blog.... I liked it soo nmuch

Aman said...

To me you are a traitor, for suggesting this ! :P

Pak Cricket's problems are of their own making. Indian team on the other hand have prepared, focused and trained with dedication for this event.

And if the desire of a few can triumph all odds, then no one in either India or Pakistan wants to win this world cup more than Sachin Tendulkar.

So, let his desire be fulfilled this time, before he goes away for ever.